LiveFIT Health & Wellness Center

For more information about the LiveFit Lecture series, please contact Barbara Sachs-Traina at 

(516) 822-3535, x317 or email


The LiveFIT Health & Wellness Center offers mind and body wellness services. It’s where exercise and mental health professionals, as well as life coaches and nutritionists, fully integrate all states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, enhancing quality of life.


The Mid-Island Y JCC offers an educational lecture series designed to promote healthier 

lifestyle practices. All lectures require advance registration. Call Barbara, x317.

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Pathways For Parkinson's

PATHWAYS Wellness program for people living with Parkinson’s

Begin your day by experiencing unique and educational lectures and end your day with a Rock Steady Boxing class. Lectures include aroma, art and music therapy, meditation, speech pathologists, and much more. Learn how to control and manage your symptoms while engaging with other people who are also living with the disease. Work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Lunch included.

Wednesdays • 11:00 am-2:45 pm • 6 weeks

Fee: $260 • Member Discounted Fee: $240


Keeping Fit Post Diagnosis
Stretch, Tone, and Restore for the Cancer Survivor Essentrics, led by Martine Resta, a certified instructor, is a low impact work-out done to music that flows continuously from one movement to the next. It will restore your joints and strengthen muscles,
relieve pain, and stimulate your energy level.
Wed., October 30, 2019 • 7:00 pm Free to the community
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
MS Aquatics

A Low-impact water exercise program sponsored by the MS Society for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis to help strengthen and improve balance and  circulation. All instructors are trained specifically to work with individuals with MS.

Mondays/Wednesdays  •  10:00-11:00 am  •  Ongoing

Register through the local MS Society at (631) 864-8337.

MS Aquatics Plus

An extension of our Multiple Sclerosis program featuring a six-week sampling of disciplines featuring spin, meditation, and boxing to help with balance, fatigue, and cognitive difficulties.

Fridays  •  10:00-11:00 am  •  Dates: Begins October 25, 2019

For questions or to register, call Barbara, x317

MS - Parkinson's Spin

6 weeks of spin class designed for people living with MS.

Fridays  •  10:00-11:00 am  •  Ongoing  •  $30


Traumatic Brain Injury & Stroke
Common Ground Alliance

This group provides a social component to people living with strokes and traumatic brain injuries.

Thursdays  •  6:30-8:00 pm

Common Ground Alliance Non-Members: $60

Common Ground Alliance Members: Free

For information, contact Dr. Deborah Benson, Director: (631) 699-5536

Services Also Include:
Aqua Therapy

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Massage Therapy

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Chiropractic Care

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Nutritional Counseling

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Other Wellness Services

Our Wellness Center offers a wide array of programs and services for people of all ages:

                          BeFIT: Fitness and Wellness for Tweens and Teens

                          ActiveFIT: Fitness and Wellness for Seniors